Pray without ceasing. It’s a tall order. But we at The Upper Room place Paul’s admonition at the head of all we do. Considering ourselves as hosts of the place where the world meets to pray, we facilitate a global wave of prayer that travels the world each day just as surely as the sun. And now that the sixty days of prayer for The United Methodist Church and its 2016 General Conference draws to a close, it is my great privilege to invite you to continue praying with Christians around the world as we all go on toward perfection.

What does it mean to pray without ceasing? The particular forms will look different for each of us since each person bears the divine imprint in a unique way. But the intent behind our prayers makes us one. We pray in order to yoke our hearts and minds together, striving to see through the temporal to the everlasting. We pray to join ourselves in the divine trend toward righteousness, justice, and peace. We pray to participate in the intimate relationship of the Trinity, to love more fully as God loves.

At The Upper Room we believe that prayer infuses the rhythms of each day. We strive not to remove ourselves from the world in order to pray but to weave our prayers into the fabric of our fleeting lives. We stand at the intersection of being and doing, bidding inner lives outward and outer lives inward. As you return to your homes around the world, we invite you to join us each day where the world meets to pray. Tell us the tales of those who labor among you. Breathe peace in your community where chaos swirls. Help the weak. Pray with us and know that the world is praying with you.

Gracious God, we join our voices in ceaseless praise and prayer. Amen.

—Shawn Bakker

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