The labyrinth has provided a way for Christians to pray with our bodies as well as our minds and our spirits since the twelfth century. As we go in response to Jesus’ command, we make the spiritual journey—releasing, receiving, and returning.

Here’s a finger labyrinth for your use in this prayer exercise: Finger Labyrinth

First Movement: Releasing (Confession)

Begin with your confession, silently or aloud. When finished, slowly move your finger forward along the labyrinth. Move at your own pace toward the center. Let the words of your confession stay with you.

Quiet your mind as you move through the labyrinth. What needs to be confessed, changed, forgiven, confronted, or healed in your life? Release these situations to God as you move forward.

Second Movement: Receiving (Centering)

When you reach the center, rest your finger there for a moment, then read the scripture for the day.

Read the passage slowly, as if you have never read it before. Center on God and be open to what God reveals to you through the reading. Return your finger to the center of the labyrinth and reflect on the passage.

Third Movement: Returning (Intercession)

As you prepare to leave the labyrinth, place your finger at the same opening in the center where you entered. Begin to move your finger back along the same path on which you entered. As you return from your time alone with God, offer prayers of intercessions and blessing. Hold each person and situation in the light of Christ, then continue the journey.

When You have Finished

Leave your labyrinth prayer to go “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Amen.

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