Abstract cross in church interiorMONDAY, JUNE 6

Praying to know God’s will is a step-by-step, little-by-little experience. It is an experience in which God is the giver, and we are the receivers. Praying to know God’s will requires listening, putting ourselves into the position of receptivity, and then taking the next few steps in relation to what we have seen and heard.
– Steve Harper, Walking in the Light


Lord, we pray our UMC leaders are open to receiving Your divine will for our church and its people. Mold us, shape us so that we walk in the way that leads to life.  Amen.

Twenty-five annual conferences are in session this week, please hold them in your prayers:

  • Central Texas Conference (Fort Worth area), June 5-8
  • Holston Conference (Knoxville area), June 5-8
  • North Alabama Conference, June 5-7
  • North Texas Conference (Plano area), June 5-7
  • Northern Illinois Conference, June 5-7
  • South Carolina Conference, June 5-8
  • West Ohio Conference, June 5-7
  • North Georgia Conference, June 7-9
  • Dakotas Conference, June 8-11
  • Illinois Great Rivers, Conference June 8-11
  • New York Conference, June 8-11
  • South Georgia Conference, June 8-11
  • Michigan Conference, June 8-13
  • Indiana Conference, June 9-13
  • Louisiana Conference, June 9-12
  • Mississippi Conference, June 9-11
  • Northwest Texas Conference, June 9-11
  • Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, June 9-12
  • Peninsula – Delaware Conference, June 9-11
  • Rio Texas Conference (San Antonio area), June 9-12
  • Rocky Mountain Conference, June 9-12
  • Susquehanna Conference (PA), June 9-11
  • West Virginia Conference, June 9-12
  • Western Pennsylvania Conference, June 9-12
  • Wisconsin Conference, June 10-13

“From Walking in the Light: Knowing and Doing God’s Will by Steve Harper.  © 2014 by Steve Harper. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.
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