Faro marino con oleaje


EVER-PRESENT GOD, thank you for being here with me right now.
In the chaos of my life, I often forget that you are always with me,
always seeking to bring me peace.

I feel overwhelmed, as if the world around me
is a heaving, crashing sea;
and I am adrift in a small boat,
unable to keep the waves from closing over me.

Only you can bring order out of this chaos.
Say the word, All-Powerful God,
and I know that the seas will be calmed,
and I will be safe.

Even as I say these words,
I can hear how foolish they are.

You, the God of my life, are also the God of order.

Bring order to my life, and in doing so,
take care of all those concerns that rise up
around me like storm waves.
Calm the seas of my busyness;
still the waters of my “doingness.”
Let me drift on the gentle swells of your love and care.

– Patricia Wilson
Quiet Spaces

From Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women by Patricia Wilson. Copyright © 2009 by Patricia F. Wilson. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

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