February 21, 2018

For the Protection of the Unity of The United Methodist Church

God of peace and unity, we come humbly and gratefully into your presence. We come to you with minds full of concerns and hands full of needs, but also hearts seeking to be sustained as a church by the peace of your presence. Help us, O God, to clear our cluttered thoughts and to rediscover the truth of your peace that is deep and life-giving. Loving God, help us to remember that Christ came as our peace, breaking down the dividing walls of hostility. Guide us, God, to follow in the steady footsteps of Christ and help us to work together to be witnesses of your love in this world and in our denomination of many diverse people. We continue our prayers for our United Methodist Church and the Commission on a Way Forward. Thank you for each one who loves you and loves the church with faithfulness and willingness to share and show your love for all people. We pray in the name and Spirit of Jesus the Christ. Amen.  — Jenny Arneson, member of the Wisconsin Delegation to General Conference; for more information for this week click here.