MARCH 14, 2018

Each Wednesday and Friday of Lent, we offer an excerpt from Pauses for Lent, a book by South African writer and pastor Trevor Hudson. Today is the 25th day of Lent and the word of the day is WAY.

“I am the way.” -John 14:6

Lent provides us with an opportunity to find our way again. Every day we use pathways, walkways, motorways, driveways, and highways whenever we want to go somewhere. Even with these trails as our guides, we can get lost.

Two thousand years ago when Jesus came into our world, he offered himself to lost humanity as “the way.” Just a few years later, the earliest followers of Jesus began calling themselves “people of the Way.” (See Acts 9:2.) When we follow Jesus, we enter into a lifelong journey in his company.

Lent encourages those of us who feel lost to get our lives back on track. It turns us toward Christ who meets us where we are, offers his life as the way, and invites us to follow.

Daily Practice
Wherever you walk, run, cycle, or drive today, affirm who you are as a follower of Christ: You are a person of the Way. What does it mean for you to walk in Jesus’ company?

Trevor Hudson, Pauses for Lent (Upper Room Books, 2015) p. 43.