JULY 8, 2018

Today we enter this sixth week of prayer and fasting for the mission and unity of The United Methodist Church. We appreciate your ongoing prayer support for the special session of the General Conference to be held in St. Louis next February. Together we will pray for this discernment process.

Below you will find the names to be lifted in prayer this week. Please know that your prayer for each person will have a significant and positive spiritual impact. Thank you for joining this global prayer initiative.

A few of the delegates and alternates to the 2019 General Conference:

  1. Jo Anne Kay Hayden, Lay, Alaska, Western USA
  2. Carlo Axibal Rapanut, Clergy, Alaska, Western USA
  3. Lisa Dromgold Bender, Lay, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  4. Larry Lee Leland, Jr., Clergy, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  5. Warren Alexander Heil, Jr., Lay, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  6. Matthew Earl Lake, Clergy, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  7. Milton W. Loyer, Lay, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  8. Beth E. Jones, Clergy, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  9. Layne Maree Miller, Lay, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  10. Thomas L. Salsgiver, Clergy, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  11. Margaret Anne Horton, Lay, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  12. Anna Elizabeth Layman Knox, Clergy, Susquehanna, Northeastern USA
  13. Sarah Cissy Namukose, Lay, East Africa, Africa CC
  14. Carol Alois Ososo, Clergy, East Africa, Africa CC
  15. Alex Jalan Oliver Ludoru, Lay, East Africa, Africa CC
  16. Marc Baliyanga, Clergy, East Africa, Africa CC
  17. Helene Bindl, Lay, Austria Provisional, Central & Southern Europe CC
  18. Stefan Schroeckenfuchs, Clergy, Austria Provisional, Central & Southern Europe CC
  19. Kai, Uwe Dannenberg, Lay, Germany North, Germany CC
  20. Anne Marie Detjen, Clergy, Germany North, Germany CC

Member of the General Commission of the General Conference: Betty Katiyo

Member of the General Conference Staff: Susan Brumbaugh

Members of the Council of Bishops in the USA and around the world:
Bishop Thomas Bickerton, New York Annual Conference, USA, and spouse Sally Bickerton
Bishop Rodolfo Juan, Davao Episcopal Area, Philippines, and spouse Leigh Juan

Member of the Commission on a Way Forward: Rev. Helen Cunanan, Philippines, elder, female

General Secretary or Leader of a United Methodist Commission or Agency: Dan Krause was elected in 2015 to lead the General Commission on Communication (UMCOM). He is a seminary-educated, former corporate marketing leader with a combination of business savvy and a heart for meaningful work. To learn more about Dan, click here. http://www.umcom.org/about/a-new-leader-for-a-new-future

To learn more about how the work United Methodists do together transforms the world and provides local churches with tools, resources, and training to equip them for communications ministry, click here http://www.umc.org/who-we-are/united-methodist-communications and here http://www.umcom.org/